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About Doctor Bonanno

I started as a traumatized kid with no answers. And even after twenty-six years of therapy, seventeen different psych meds, and even earning a doctorate in psychology, I still didn't get a cure for my condition.
Part of me couldn't help but ask:
Am I choosing to be this way?
What a mortifying possibility!
I wondered if somehow I was "crazy" or even a "bad" person. Trauma had changed my brain in a way that I couldn't understand or articulate - Until now.
By working with thousands of traumatized people (They're everywhere, at every age), I finally figured out how the traumatized brain and body readaptation works! Which led me to create a treatment method that can help patients in ways that traditional Psychology can't.
I've dealt with so much pain, suffering, and loss in my life, that now I've made it my life's mission to help others regain their lives back.
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