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Accelerated Resolution Therapy and PTSD Screening for Medical Marijuana

About Doctor Bonanno

I have PTSD myself. I wasted a lot of time and money on therapy and pharmaceuticals. You will find that I am different from all the other doctors and therapists you have dealt with. Yes, I have been in the mental health field since 1993, earned a doctorate, and trained under some of the best clinicians in America, but I am outside of the mainstream. I offer a radically different form of therapy and also assistance with accessing medical marijuana, which has helped me and so many others with our PTSD symptoms better than anything else ever has.

PTSD Evaluation Appointments Via Phone, Video, or In-Person

In-State Patients From: Connecticut
Out-of-State Patients Accepted From: Pennsylvania, Florida, New York,
New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Delaware, Minnesota, Maine, and Your State.

It is 100% ethical and legal for you to see me online to possibly obtain a
PTSD diagnosis that will qualify you to see a medical marijuana doctor in your state.

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How We Can Help You

PTSD Evaluation for a Medical Marijuana License

Patients who are suffering from PTSD and would like to apply for the Medical Marijuana card under this approved medical condition, you’ll need to provide proof of a written PTSD diagnosis from a mental health professional. Like our Dr. Bonanno, who will send over the written documentation to the certifying physician.​

If you already have been diagnosed with PTSD, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEE ME.

accelerated resolution therapy

How Accelerated Resolution Therapy works

ART is amazingly effective for healing trauma, anxiety, grief, phobias, and more. You can finally drop your baggage just like that- without having to talk about it again and again and again! Many people avoid therapy because they think that they will have to rehash everything to death, blame their parents, and not get much better. Well they are right! But until now, that was the best treatment we therapists have had to offer.

Be Part of our Online PTSD Support Group

Our PTSD Support Group is here for anyone looking for support in dealing with PTSD. you can discuss problems with other people who have been through trauma. Moderated by Dr. Bonanno. You can join the PTSD Support Groups here for free.

Reviews – PTSD Therapy

It feels great to be able to live, work and enjoy the simple things around you. Thank you for your wonderful job, David. I appreciate your help.

Rick – 29

Manchester, CT

Dr. Dave is an awesome guy! He answered all of my questions with no judgement and suggest me up with a (medical) doctor for my prescription. He even took the time to give me a treatment for my PTSD symptoms and it worked great!


Newington, CT

After 30 years of dealing with doctors and therapists I feel like you understand me more than anyone else ever did.



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