A Painless & Digital Therapy to Treat PTSD

We have seen over 5,000 people and perfected a better way to treat PTSD that is painless and actually works.

Imagine What You Could Do...

If your negative experiences or feelings could be eradicated, or at least significantly decreased. 

Introducing the New Waji PTSD Therapy 

Waji focuses on addressing and clearing the root cause of your symptoms, so they don't resurface using patent-pending eye movement digital techniques.

Fast, Effective, and Painless.

Our therapy program is divided into three core treatment phases that work together to produce fast, long-lasting relief from your PTSD symptoms.

Ready to feel better?

Designed by 

PTSD Experts

Accessible from anywhere, at anytime

On your schedule, and 

at your own pace

Works fast & improve life long-term

Waji Treatment Phases

Each Waji treatment phase is self-paced, allowing you the freedom to move through the program,

 at a speed that is comfortable for you. Here's how it works:


Online Onboarding Tutorial

You start with our interactive onboarding tutorial that focuses on helping you understand your PTSD and how to use the Waji Therapy App.


Work on clearing the trauma using the Waji Treatment app

The patent-pending therapeutic heart of the program, the Waji Treatment app painlessly relieves PTSD symptoms working to clear the pain, fear, or anxiety associated with past traumatic events as it treats the underlying issue. Eye-movement is the key and has been proven highly effective for long-term, positive change. And it works quickly! 


Follow-up with a Mental Health Coach

Attend a one-time optional follow-up appointment with Doctor Bonanno, following your first session. You'll go over your session together, you can ask questions and the doctor will make any recommendations to help ensure your success.

Support For As Long As You Need It

Each person is unique, traumas are no different!

 Some people will feel better right away, others may need to use the app more often to achieve the desired results. No matter where you're at in your journey, you can count on support always being available with a simple click.

Waji Effectively Treats


Accidents, Assault, Medical Issues, Incarceration, Sexual Trauma, Witnessing a Horrible Event, Bullying, Abusive Relationships, Military and First Responders Events, Victim of Crime


From Divorce, Loss of a Relationship, Death of a Loved One, Miscarriage, Caregiver Fatigue, Loss of a Job, Caring for Addicts, Victim of Robbery


Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Anger and Rage, Persistent Anxiety

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What Patients Say

Still not sure? Compassionate, comfortable, and understanding are the three words that patients most use to describe Dr. David Bonanno.

There are over 425 Reviews – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews on Google and here are just a few of them….

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Meet PTSD Expert 
Dr. David Bonanno

I have PTSD myself. I wasted a lot of time and money on therapy and pharmaceuticals. You will find that I am different from all the other doctors and therapists you have dealt with. Yes, I have been in the mental health field since 1993, earned a doctorate, and trained under some of the best clinicians in America, but I am outside of the mainstream.

After countless ruined relationships, addiction, suicidal ideation, unbearable loneliness even when I was around other people... I took matters into my own hands. 

I know that seems impossible and maybe even overwhelming, but I have worked with thousands of people suffering from PTSD and this treatment can help you too.

The Waji Digital PTSD TherapyA New Way for Path Forward Get Real Long-Lasting Relief    

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