Imagine seeing someone looking for his wallet in the bushes underneath the streetlight. You ask him where he last had it and he says, “Over there.” 

 “Well…why are you looking for it here then?” you ask.

“Because there is no light over there!”  

People, and especially hyper logical research scientists would do well to expand their minds enough to look at things in different ways. 

A New Look at Therapy for Treating Trauma

Therapy is supposed to be a safe place, right? Well, it wasn’t for me. My therapist would make me talk about all the worst stuff that ever happened to me, again and again, every week. I used to get so messed up that I wouldn’t even be able to drive home! I would have to schedule time to go for a long walk afterward, crying in the bright sunny afternoon light as I made my way down Main Street. My therapist was a wonderful person who cared for me, but she did EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and it was brutal.

I have no interest in doing that with any of my patients. I have invented my own eye movement therapy, called De-Adrenalizing, which I designed with the goal of being the least painful, most effective therapy EVER for trauma and PTSD. In fact, you won’t even have to tell me what your trauma was! Since the 1880s, when Sigmund Freud invented talk therapy, the thinking has always been that the more you talk about your pain, the more you are releasing it. But I personally disagree with that line of thinking. I believe that re-living the worst moments of your life leads to rehearsing your pain and retraumatizing yourself.

Do you have PTSD? Or, let me rephrase that: Do you have trouble getting past your past? Let’s not even wonder if it’s PTSD or not. When I first realized I might meet the complicated criteria for a PTSD diagnosis, I immediately thought, Well I’m not trying to compare myself to war heroes! But we shouldn’t have to worry about that. Trauma – any kind of trauma – causes your fight-or-flight system to become overactive, a condition that I call being Adrenalized. My therapy allows you to quickly and painlessly dial down your entire nervous system, even to the point that it’s possible to eliminate your triggers. Let me help you set goals and come up with a plan for you to heal your body and your mind; a plan to set you free.

REMT: An Art of De-Adrenalizing

When a person is subjected to trauma or unhealthy conditions, their brain adapts. It’s a healthy response to an unhealthy situation. In fact, the logical, left side of your brain is supposed to go offline because over the last ten thousand years humans have needed to act or react in a flash instead of slowly thinking through decisions. The human brain is still constructed like this. When someone has experienced trauma, they end up having much more adrenaline than other people, because they need to be ready to deal with the next awful thing. Your spouse or your boss could say something that triggers you, and then the chemical changes in your brain are the exact same as if your life were threatened. In other words, after experiencing trauma, your fight-or-flight system has become engaged to some degree, and it never fully shuts down. That’s why it’s so difficult for people to sleep or relax and be comfortable in their own skin. This has nothing to do with the logical part of our brain, so we can’t use logic to reason our way out of it.

What you need is Rapid Eye Movement Therapy (REMT). In Rapid Eye Movement Therapy (REMT) the person’s eyes move from left to right – similar to dreaming, but more controlled and with a purpose. When you look right, you activate the left, logical side of the brain. Looking left lights up the side of the brain responsible for fight or flight, as well as wisdom and creativity. Switching back and forth connects both sides of the brain much more than they usually are.

That’s great because you need your brain’s emotional right side to finally listen to the logical left side, so it can explain what happened and show you that you’re safe now. Again, you’re not going to truly believe you’re safe just by thinking or telling yourself that’s the case. To get to the deepest parts of your brain, the two sides need to communicate on the deepest level. The results come much, much faster than with talk therapy or “toughing it out.”

De-Adrenalizing is a great option because it is quick, painless, super convenient, cost effective, and the best way for you to heal your inner child. You don’t have to spend so much time in therapy painfully reliving all the worst moments of your life. De-Adrenalizing gets right down to the heart of the matter and uses Rapid Eye Movement Technology (REMT) to master your trauma once and for all.

I have spent so many years researching and trying various therapies, pharmaceuticals, and treatment options for PTSD and trauma. I have combined the best methodologies available into one therapy master your PTSD or trauma from the comfort of your own home.