No, You need to see a medical doctor who can write the actual prescription. I am a clinical psychologist. I evaluate people and can provide them with the diagnosis that they can then take to a prescriber. Check out

If I determine that you have PTSD I will give you a letter, or in the case of an online session, I will print, sign, scan, and email you a letter that you can then take to a prescriber. I can recommend a medical doctor to you if you would like. You then must register with your state.

I’m sorry I don’t accept insurance.

Not much better at all, actually. It’s certainly more convenient to meet online and I was happy to learn that not much is lost in terms of the experience.

If you have FaceTime we can simply talk that way. If not, I have, which is super easy to use. I will email you an invitation to join a meeting. You just click on it with a device that has a camera (phone, laptop, desktop or tablet) and boom! We are talking!

Once you provide me with your debit or credit card information I will print it on fancy letterhead, sign it, scan it, and then email it to you. You can print that out and take it to the medical doctor. I would also be happy to send/fax it to you or your doctor.

Absolutely. Your prescriber has to be in your state, but it is legal and ethical for us to meet by videoconferencing and my letter is valid in all 50 states. It also serves as a layer of protection for the medical doctor, who will know that you were evaluated by an expert.

Yes. In Connecticut Probation and Parole both honor a medical marijuana prescription. I have even had P.O.’s refer people to me so they would not have to violate them. I am in the process of confirming this in other states. Unfortunately, federal probation and parole do not allow for medical marijuana at this time.

No. Because I don’t take insurance there will be no record of this that can follow you, and while you will be on a list that is privately kept by your state, this information is highly confidential and just as protected as any of your personal health information.

Right! You won’t have to be afraid anymore- IF you follow the rules, which include not selling what you buy to others, not using it while driving or around kids- not being dumb about it!

No- save your money. If you have a medical condition that qualifies you in your state, you don’t need to get a PTSD diagnosis from me.

Yes, you have to be a resident (and show proof) of whichever state you get licensed in. If you travel to any other state there is no guarantee that your medicine will not be confiscated or get you in trouble. Police are often lenient with medical marijuana products from other states but they are not obligated to be.

I have helped hundreds of people for a year and a half now and I have never heard of any of my clients or anyone else for that matter being penalized in any way. The only consideration that I am aware of is that people may have difficulty obtaining a federal gun or pistol permit after getting their license.