Online PTSD Evaluations & Diagnosis For Veterans​

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Online PTSD Evaluations & Diagnosis For Veterans​

This service is for veterans who need a PTSD diagnosis to start a claim for disability with the VA. Or those looking for a second opinion & trauma recovery guidance.

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Veterans with PTSD Often Struggle to Obtain Disability From the VA.

If you are a veteran who needs a PTSD diagnosis to start a claim for disability with the VA, or are just looking for a second opinion, our service is perfect for you. Dr. Bonanno can provide you with a PTSD diagnosis and detailed insights into your trauma so you can explain it thoroughly to support your journey, as well as provide you guidance for trauma recovery.

Online PTSD Evaluations Appointments Via Video or Phone Session.

 Get your diagnosis without judgment and stigma to support your claim. It is 100% ethical and legal for you to see me online to possibly obtain a PTSD diagnosis.

When we meet we will discuss your life and how trauma has affected you. I can provide you with proof of a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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How It Works

Easily schedule yourself online or by calling or texting us.

Meet via video to GENTLY but thoroughly discuss your life and trauma history.

If I determine you have PTSD , we will write a letter stating as such.

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Meet Dr. David Bonanno

I have PTSD myself. I understand how painful explaining your story can be. I wasted a lot of time and money on therapy and pharmaceuticals. You will find that I am different from all the other doctors and therapists you have dealt with. Yes, I have been in the mental health field since 1993, earned a doctorate, and trained under some of the best clinicians in America, but I am outside of the mainstream.

Unfortunately, there are not many good ways to lower the fight or flight response. Pharmaceuticals cannot do this without substantial side effects and so many downsides. I offer a radically different form of therapy and also assistance with accessing the help they need.

Professional & Informative: You Will Leave Happier Than You Came

“..Dr. Bonanno was very understanding and very receptive of my explanations..”

This PTSD Evaluation Will Change Your Outlook Altogether!

You are not alone. I understand what you are going through. I know how frustrating it is when no one seems to understand you or support your claim. Let me provide you some tools in order make sure your claim gets taken care of. I am not like all the others. I can actually help you with your PTSD.

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