There are so many people who are getting relief from medical marijuana. I’ve met hundreds of them. I didn’t realize I was one of them as I was using it for decades before I really even knew that I had PTSD. But what I think is so exciting is that these days there are so many different products that are so advanced. And that is specifically geared to treat specific symptoms.

For example, there are strains that help you sleep. And there are even strains that help you to prevent nightmares. There are products that give you energy during the day. And, there are also CBD preparations that allow you to be around people but not even really get high, and they just mellow out your body. So if somebody asks me if medical marijuana is for them, I have a hard time saying no. Because there’s just something for almost everybody.

Of course, there are several costs of using marijuana. And, if you’re using it too much, then you could experience a decrease in motivation or focus. But, what people usually tell me is that they’re not trying to get wasted and escape life. And if they were, I wouldn’t help them. What they’re really looking for are tools to help them function better and be more connected to themselves and their loved ones.

Marijuana is a very useful tool but it is a band-aid, a much better band-aid than the pharmaceuticals out there, in my opinion. But, if you are really looking for a cure, and I don’t use that word lightly. Please consider Accelerated Resolution Therapy.


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