Online Pain Quiz

Instructions: Please read each question carefully and answer as best you can.

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Have you read anything by Alan Gordon or Dr. John Sarno?

When you experience pain, you probably feel like your body is being damaged. But do you know, on an intellectual level, that is not happening?

Do you set very high or even impossible standards for yourself?

Are you open to seeing your pain as a glitch in your nervous system, and not from a physical problem?

Does your level of pain fluctuate significantly, or is it steady and consistent?

Have you ever done psychotherapy that involved eye movements?

Do you have a history of psychological trauma? Please list your traumas. Examples are: Growing up with a parent with mental health or addiction issues, any kind of abuse as a child or adult, accidents, assaults, etc.

How much research have you done about pain?

Do you have a diagnosis from a doctor related to your pain?

Please briefly state what your medical doctor(s) believes is causing your pain.

Do you believe that you have a good imagination, and are able to think in metaphors?

When you first experienced your pain, was it during a time of stress Or life transition?

Were you especially anxious as a child?

Did your pain originate without an actual injury?

Do you have multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, or lupus?

Does your pain ever spread out or move?

Is your pain worse when you are triggered, threatened, or stressed out?

Is your pain symmetrical? Is it on both sides of your body at the same time?

Does physical activity increase your pain? If so, do you feel it during the activity, after, or both?