De-Adrenalizing Pain Therapy

Hello there, are you familiar with these two books, or have you read anything by either of these authors? 

If so, You know that pain can have its origins in the nervous system and not necessarily be structural. Pain gets us to stop pushing our bodies too hard to avoid causing more damage. But that doesn’t mean that you are driving any damage to your body every time you feel it. Likewise, this does NOT mean that the pain “Is all in your head.” If you can feel pain, it is real, despite its origin. 

If you believe that your pain is just pain and not causing any real damage, then I can help you better than these authors or anyone else. Because De-Adrenalyzing, the therapy I have created, does a better job of reducing or even eliminating the psychological factors associated with Pain better than anything else, especially when it is trauma or fear related.

Fifty million people have chronic Pain and spend $600 billion a year fighting it. Yet, at the same time, many die from opioids or become addicted to a substance. Based on over ten thousand patient interviews. Recent studies show that the cause of most Pain Is Psychological and driven by FEAR.

Fear (and adrenaline) makes your body more sensitive. So if you feel some pain and it worries you, you will actually feel more pain!  Which will then make you more afraid, and before you know it, this cycle gets out of control and it’s all you can think about. De-Adrenalizing Eradicates Fear. It is the most cutting-edge treatment, because it uses Rapid Eye Movement to calm the deepest part of your emotional brain. Pain Reprocessing Therapy works by using cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. Patients have to do LOTS of work to retrain their brains. De-Adrenalizing allows you to break the pain cycle for good in as little as one session, but we recommend three or more to be very thorough. Imagine have much less or even no pain after just three sessions!

Current Situation

Just about everyone with pain is stuck looking for structural causes that are rarely there. It is wishful thinking driven by a desire to conveniently make sense of something that would be simple to fix. 

Estimates are that two-thirds of sufferers have “Neuroplastic Pain”, which means it’s NOT connected to any current structural damage. 

For example, 64% of people with no back pain have no structural problems. 

Some studies even show that there is no relationship between problems and symptoms!

While Medical Doctors try to attribute the condition as related to a physical problem to fix. They end up giving diagnoses because they have to do something, making many more people feel certain that something is wrong with their bodies.

Again, we are talking abour Fifty Million People in America have chronic Pain. 1.2 billion in the world. Americans spend $600 billion a year mainly fighting psychological Pain 

by physiological means. Furthermore, there is a giant opioid crisis. I aim to help diminish it in whatever way I can by providing the right tools and treatment. 

Chronic Pain is Mostly Psychological

Pain comes from the body or brain. But there is no “pain center” in the brain. As hard as we’ve tried to isolate one, Pain can be traced to at least 44 different areas.

In many countries, whiplash causes up to 10% of accident victims to become permanently disabled. But not in some countries. Why? Because the people there haven’t heard of it, so it doesn’t happen! In some cases, even “placebo” auto collisions can cause chronic Pain. Such is the power of the mind that it can even produce Pseudocyesis (Psychological Pregnancies)

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