So many people have PTSD and so many people don’t know that they have it. There are the familiar causes, like going to war or being assaulted or getting into an accident or seeing something like that. But there’s a lot of other roots to PTSD as well. There are things that take place over time that can really wear us down. Like growing up with a parent with mental health or addiction issues or as a kid just generally not feeling safe. There are people who’ve been in abusive relationships where the fight or flight brain has to activate and keep them always on guard.

People who don’t have PTSD before they are incarcerated are probably going to have it after they get out because they’ve had to always be on edge. I, myself, didn’t realize that I had PTSD until I really started working with people who have it. And, even though I have a Doctorate in Psychology I just wasn’t trained to look at it that way.

Now, I can’t see it in any other light. I’m not here to judge you for why you think you have PTSD or don’t.

I really just want to help. Take our PTSD screening quiz to know more.


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