PTSD Therapy

Whatever you focus on, you magnify. Most therapists get you to focus on all the worst stuff that ever happened to you throughout your whole life. They want you to just talk about it and talk about it. For those suffering from trauma, it can be an absolutely brutal experience. Another method many therapists try is getting you to change your thought patterns. But that doesn’t work for trauma, because whenever you are triggered, threatened, or even stressed out, your logical brain is designed to go off-line and your emotional fight or flight brain takes over.

Have you ever been freaked out and had somebody tell you to calm down and remind yourself that you are safe? It doesn’t work, right? What you need, is to stop intellectualizing and somehow connect to your fight or flight brain. You know how it feels when you have an aha moment? Everything makes sense, right? Do you remember what it was like when you fell in love, or bought your house, or discovered your career path? You probably didn’t make a pro and con list or figure it out logically. The part of the brain I’m talking about is where your emotions and your wisdom lie. What people refer to when they say that they knew it in their heart. Intuition is another good word for it. This part of you needs to be engaged, as well as the logical side of your brain, in order to truly heal from trauma. And that’s what eye movement therapy does. When you look right, you engage the left side of your brain. When your look left, you engage the right side of my brain – the emotions and wisdom side, the side you need to connect with in order to heal. Through eye movements, my De-Adrenalizing therapy gets both sides of your brain to work together in a marvelous way. It’s something that you really have to experience for yourself in order to get it.

Over the years, I have perfected my therapy to the point that my patients have life-changing aha moments pretty regularly. EMDR was the first therapy to discover the power of eye movements, but in my opinion they waste that power because they still focus on changing your thoughts and re-living your trauma. Remember, whatever you focus on, you magnify. And if you work with me or one of my associates, we will only be focused on the best part of therapy, delivering breakthrough moments of connection that make you feel whole, that bring back an awareness that has been gone, compartmentalized and broken up into tiny shards of glass; together we can bring the pieces back together so you can move forward, past your trauma. 

It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s fun. You don’t even have to do many sessions. You don’t need to spend time getting worked up to tell me your story. I just need a general idea, and then let’s get to work – in a way that’s emotionally very safe and comfortable. In fact, this is probably the safest therapy for trauma that there is. After a session with me, I promise you will not feel burnt out and exhausted. Quite the opposite. And that’s what therapy should feel like.