LEC Part 2

LEC With Criterion A - Part 2

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A. If you checked anything for #17 in PART 1, briefly identify the event you were thinking of:
B. If you have experienced more than one of the events in PART 1, think about the event you consider the worst event, which for this questionnaire means the event that currently bothers you the most. If you have experienced only one of the events in PART 1, use that one as the worst event. Please answer the following questions about the worst event (check all options that apply):

Briefly describe the worst event (for example, what happened, who was involved, etc.).
How long ago did it happen? (please estimate if you are not sure)
How did you experience it?
Was someone’s life in danger?
Was someone seriously injured or killed?
Did it involve sexual violence?
If the event involved the death of a close family member or close friend, was it due to some kind of accident or violence, or was it due to natural causes?
How many times altogether have you experienced a similar event as stressful or nearly as stressful as the worst event?

LEC-5 and Criterion A (11 April 2018) National Center for PTSD

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