Do you feel this way?

  • Like your pilot light is always lit, and you can quickly ignite into anger over things big or small?
  • Like you can’t put your finger on it, but something is always wrong or will go wrong, or something is always wrong with you?
  • Like your loved ones don’t understand you, and you can barely explain your thoughts and behavior to yourself
  • Like you wish you had a lot more patience with people overall, even your friends and family?
  • Like you can never really relax or even be happy? That it is meant for other people, but not you?
  • Like you can never really let your guard down with people?
accelerated resolution therapy

Why Talk Therapy and Pharmaceuticals Do NOT Work for PTSD

  • I believe that most people who have PTSD get misdiagnosed as having depression or an anxiety disorder. We regularly meet people with horror stories who get every diagnosis under the sun EXCEPT PTSD! It’s not just for combat veterans but doctors and therapists don’t know that yet. They will when I write my book.
  • PTSD symptoms are always there, and they can flare up much worse at any time. You have too much adrenaline. Talking about that is useless and pharmaceuticals can’t touch it.
  • Talk therapy requires that you literally re-experience your traumas again and again. You are not releasing your pain at that point. You are rehearsing it.
  • Therapy focuses on changing your thoughts. Your body is designed for your logical brain to go offline when threatened in any way. So reminding yourself that you are safe or any thought-based intervention is useless.
  • We have interviewed over 3,000 people with PTSD. You would think that a certain percentage of them would say that the pills work. They are addictive, expensive, not natural, have dangerous side-effects, interact with each other, and NOT ONE PERSON has ever told us that they even work!

Want Your Life Back? We have a Solution

Address the Underlying issue

Work on Clearing it

Work on getting your life back and sustaining it

We Effectively Treat:

PTSD and Trauma
Accidents, Assault, Medical Issues, Incarceration, Sexual Trauma, Military and First Responders
Fear of Flying, Fear of Spiders Animals, Public Speaking, Agoraphobia, General Fears and
From Divorce, Loss of a Relationship, Death of a Loved One, Miscarriage
Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Anger and Rage, Persistent Anxiety