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Meet Dr. David Bonanno

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I started as a traumatized kid with no answers, and after twenty-six years of therapy, seventeen different psych meds, and even earning a doctorate in psychology...

Which left me asking myself:


Am I choosing to be this way? What a mortifying possibility!


I wondered if I was crazy, or even a bad person in someway.


Trauma had changed my brain in a way that I couldn’t understand or articulate - Until now.


By working with thousands of traumatized people (They’re everywhere, at every age), I finally figured out how the brain really works! Which led me to create an App and treatment method that can help patients in ways that traditional Psychology can't.


I need to share what I have discovered with audiences and individuals who want to get their lives back. 


I can give them the tools to understand themselves and know it's not their fault.

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