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Hello! I'm putting together a program to help day traders be at their best through psychology. Would you be willing to help me out with a 10 - 15 minute phone call about the struggle that everyone faces to prevent your emotions from getting the best of you? Please text me at 860-983-8233 so we can set up a time.


You may have a plan, but can you control your fear enough to make it happen? When you don’t keep promises to yourself it’s beyond frustrating, isn’t it? Every other trader has a plan too. Everyone you go against has their Edge. Every person you trade with is trying their damndest to employ the Ideal Mindset better than you can. You know it all comes down to who’s better at controlling their emotions. How are you going to do that? By trying really, really hard? Well, so are they!


You need another type of Edge. A Psychological Edge.


This is what you have to do to WIN:


Step One: Choose your System.


Step Two: Research Mark Douglas’ Trading Psychology to see WHAT the Ideal Mindset is.


Step Three: Practice what is preached by training your brain over the years to ignore past failures, withstand storms of emotional interference, commit all your energy to maintaining positive mental habits. You will lose (hopefully not a lot of) money along the way, but that’s the tuition you pay to learn, right?




Step Three: Use the Psychological Edge Method’s Rapid Eye Movement to access your subconscious directly and quickly dissolve your regrets and fears. This is HOW to fully commit yourself to the Ideal Mindset at your core, with minimal effort or time to flatten the learning curve and save you money.


The Psychological Edge Method is not a system. It’s also not the Ideal Mindset you need. It’s the way for you to imbed into your own subconscious the emotional responses that YOU want to have, automatically!


No Reading

No Worthless Exercises

No Learning Curve

No Homework

No Practicing

No Lifetime of striving to cultivate the Ideal Mindset like a Buddhist Monk in a monastery.


How much money would you save if you could jump to the forefront and acquire the necessary skills in just 4 hours? 

I am looking to speak with 10 people to learn exactly what traders need in their own words. Please text my personal cell at 860-983-8233 to begin a conversation so that I can learn from you and also help you any way I can. No obligation or pressure!

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