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Dr. David Bonanno

Dr. Bonanno offers personal therapy sessions, and generally, a few sessions will resolve the trauma response in most patients. If you're interested in booking an appointment, please contact us. If you're having thoughts of harming yourself, please contact 911.

My Therapy Explained

The more you focus on one thing, the more you amplify it. Talk therapy focuses on your pain. You’re told that it’s healthy to re-live the worst moments of your life, again and again. I know, because I wasted twenty-six years that way, trying to get better. I studied Psychology in a desperate attempt to fix myself. After decades of researching and working as a therapist, I’ve combined the best methodologies into one treatment. It works.


Our brain has one part that is logical and verbal, and one that’s instinctive, and emotional - the fight/flight/freeze system. I call these the Robot Brain and the Cat Brain. Robot, because it has no emotions, only information. Cat, because sometimes it takes over like an animal and makes us feel and do things that aren’t good for us - like addictions, and money and relationship problems. Besides, everyone knows you can’t get a Cat to do what you want! 

The key is to not try to change your thoughts, as traditional therapy does, but to actually change your emotional responses.


Traumatic events trigger the flight or fight response. Our Cat Brain activates and dumps hormones like adrenaline into our bodies. We become “Adrenalized.” Later, when we see, hear, or even think about the traumatic event, we become Adrenalized and we can’t help it, no matter how hard we try to change our thoughts. It’s not our fault!

Once I realized this, I started experimenting with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). It uses eye movements to connect directly with the Cat Brain. It replicates Rapid Eye Movement to reach that part of the brain that we access only in dreams or in a hypnotic state. But EMDR is brutal. I used to have to go for a long walk after every session of re-experiencing my trauma.


De-Adrenalization therapy is much more focused and effective. I took most of the painful talking out of EMDR and amplified what really works. The result is marvelous. People get the opportunity to let their entire brain work together to heal and get past their past for good. 


Feel free to try rapid eye movement therapy on this website to get a taste. Or schedule a session with me or one of my associates to find out for yourself how healthy you can be.


We offer free, 15 minute consultations.


The Workforce Training Fund Program

Through The Workforce Training Fund Program, we offer training that is fully reimbursed by the State of Massachusetts to companies that pay employment taxes. We tailor our training to the needs of your company. Trauma affects everyone and colors every business and personal interaction. Dr. Bonanno teaches how to mitigate emotionally dysregulated responses.

Please find out more about their Express Program here or contact us directly.

Trainings for Companies

We offer trainings to first responders, mental health service providing agencies, and to businesses in general. Is it PTSD?

Diagnosis for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and PTSD

Self-medication can be destructive and dangerous. Instead of psychiatric medications, some people benefit from the use of medical cannabis. We offer evaluations to diagnose Generalized Anxiety Disorder and PTSD for all 50 states.


The cost of an evaluation is $100.


With a diagnosis letter, you can approach your primary care medical provider and ask for a medical cannabis card. We can refer you to a doctor in your state as well.


Learn how to manage your emotions to live a better life. A course designed for people who have been suffering from extreme anger, fear or emotional pain.



Dr. Bonanno offers information-packed lectures and hands-on trainings providing a new way of looking into trauma and how to heal from it.

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